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Apple Concentrate

from Charles Faram

Apple Concentrate

from Charles Faram

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What is apple concentrate?

Apple concentrate is produced by removing water from freshly pressed apple juice by evaporation under vacuum. This concentrates the natural sugars in the juice and makes it easier to store and transport.

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How can this concentrate be used?
British Apple Co suggest you use 6 parts water to 1 part concentrate to re-make this to the original apple juice. The Brix level is 70%. You can use this as a flavor ingredient alongside your local fresh apple juices to impart high levels of tannin that give a wonderful mouthfeel, complex flavor and great color and body to your hard cider

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Where is the apple concentrate from?
British Bittersweet concentrate high provenance concentrate is derived from dedicated orchards on British Apple Co’s own farms, with known varieties, discrete segregation of fruits and juice. Full traceability.
Their farms are all recognised by the assured produce scheme.
Positive release of product following full analytical analysis for toxicology.

Formats of apple concentrate available

Concentrate is available in a 200 litre drum

Apple varieties

Dabinett Apples

This apple variety dates from around the early 1900’s. It was found by William Dabinett and grown as a natural seedling in a hedge in South Petherton, Somerset. Classed as a “Bittersweet Cider Apple,” Dabinett has a small, yellow green fruit – flecked with red and usually harvested in November in the UK. The flesh is green and aromatic. The apple tree itself has a relatively small and spreading habit and it also has a high resistance to apple scab.

The juice is characterised as having high tannin and low acid.


It is the “terroir” that makes these adjoining counties so special. Right in the heart of England, on the border of Wales, these two counties have exceptionally high quality soils, excellent year-round rainfall and a mild maritime climate. Today almost none of the apples grown in these two counties are irrigated, making them some of the most sustainable apples grown in the world.

The mild British climate throughout the growing season allows the apples to slowly mature producing fruit with excellent complexity and balance of flavor. It is often said that apples grown in the UK are some of the best tasting apples in the world.

And apples have grown in Herefordshire and Worcestershire for thousands of years.


BRITISH APPLE CO believe in integrity, in honest and open working relationships that allow apple growers to connect with their end customers, and that allow cider makers and apple juice producers to be able to understand provenance of their apples with full traceability. They believe in paying farmers a fair price for their apples and providing a competitive and high quality product to our customers. Apple farming is a long term business, it takes 12 years from deciding which variety to grow, to establishing an orchard and having a crop that is in full production. As such they believe it is important to provide a profitable price to apple farmers every year to enable them to reinvest in their businesses.

They strive to offer the highest quality and for them and us that means:

  • Single named varieties of apples
    Named growers
  • Full traceability right back to the individual apple orchard
  • Full crop assurance
  • 100% provenance
  • Full marketing support – use the “made with British Bittersweet apples” logos on all your product and marketing materials
  • Full MRL screening

BRITISH APPLE CO do not believe that any other producer or agent selling English apple juice or concentrate can provide the same guarantees for both bittersweet and sweet apple varieties.

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