Photo of Ben Adams adding hop pellets to a brew at the Salutation Inn

Our bittering and brewing calculator will help guide you through to how many hops you should use in your brew

Bittering and brewing calculator

Bittering and brewing calculator

What quantity of hops do I need?

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If you would rather speak to someone, that’s great!  That’s what we’re here for.  Either call, email, Facebook and one of our Technical Advisors will be happy to discuss anything brewing with you.  

This also applies to other products that we supply, recipe development, collaborations and exploring our experimental hop varieties. Keep an eye out on Twitter, Facebook and our technical page for any useful and inspiring blogs.  We also publish facts and blogs from our suppliers as well, so it’s not just hop talk.  Another great resource is the Fermentis app if you  haven’t downloaded it already, give it a go.

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Hop variety knowledge

Want to know what hop varieties exist?

Want to find out what the characteristics are for hop varieties?

We have an extensive database of hop varieties available around the world.  Please don’t confuse the database with our brochure.  There are varieties out there that go beyond our range of over 150 hops as merchants, growers and programs develop their own hop varieties for commercial release.

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We carry hops from all over the world and aim to provide an artist’s palette of flavors to create every type and style of beer. Our main office is conveniently located in the brewer’s paradise that is Portland OR, while our cold store warehouse is in the US hop capital, Yakima WA.

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