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Allkleer G A powdered form of isinglass that can be dissolved to make a ready-for-use isinglass for treatment of either cask conditioned or brewery conditioned beers to clear yeast Pdf logo
Kettlekleer Granules Kettlekleer Granules are a blend of naturally occurring brewery approved seaweed materials used for reducing protein in beer. Consistency of performance is provided by quality control checks of every batch for wort trub formation. Pdf logo
Kettlekleer Tablets (Koppakleer) Koppakleer Tablets are a refined grade carrageenan product which is added to the wort in the kettle to enhance protein removal as the wort cools. They require only a short period of boiling to disperse and can be added to the whirlpool when it is not possible to interrupt the boil or open the kettle. Pdf logo
Super F A silica-based liquid fining added to fermented beer in the cold tank to greatly speed up the sedimentation of yeast and other haze-forming
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Glucanase Produced from a non-genetically modified culture to food grade, FCC, WHO/FAO,  Kosher and Halal standards.  It is an FDA approved fungal β-glucanase derived from fermentations of Trichoderma longibrachiatum (formerly Trichoderma reesei). This product is a cellulase enzyme complex which is standardised on β-glucanase activity, but which also has significant side activities, containing cellulase, hemicellulase activity catalysing the endo-hydrolysis of β-glucans, 1,4 β‑glucosides and 1,4 β-xylans in barley, wheat and other cereal su strates. Pdf logo


Brewers Clarity An enzyme used to prevent haze formation in beer. It contains a highly specific fungal endopeptidase enzyme. This enzyme only cleaves haze sensitive polypeptides at the carboxyl end of the amino acid proline. Pdf logo


Antifoam FD20PK A silicone based emulsion which has been developed for brewing, food processing and other applications where a quick knockdown of foam is required. It can be added to the kettle, still or fermentation vessel. Pdf logo
PGA Powder PGA (Propylene Glycol Alginate) Powder is a specially prepared food grade propylene glycol alginate derived from brown seaweed. It is used as a beer and cider foam stabiliser Pdf logo

Liquor Treatment

DWB Liquor Treatment A formulated blend of powdered salts to increase mineral content of brewing liquor to improve its brewing quality and produce the desired beer characteristics. Pdf logo

Yeast Nutrients, Processing Aids & Preservatives

Yeast Vit Yeast Vit is supplied as a free flowing pale brown to yellow crystalline powder, which is a formulated blend of organic salts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements along with an approved organic source of nitrogen. Yeast Vit is designed to ensure correction of nutrient deficiencies in wort. Pdf logo