Hop Products

An Introduction to our new range of hop products

Paul Corbett, Managing Director

I am pleased to announce that Charles Faram has formed an association with a natural product processor to deliver a range of hop aroma and flavour products with a unique selling point.

The HopInspirationTM Range of products has been developed to provide an efficient, reproducible, and easy-to-use means of adding hop aroma, bitterness and flavour to beer and other beverages.  Key functionalities can be added independently of any other products to enhance those characteristics.

The range includes bittering products that are well established and accepted by brewers worldwide, they are currently used either in the kettle or post fermentation both allowing the brewer to control the level of bitterness they want to achieve with a high level of accuracy and utilisation of alpha acids. Both aroma and flavour products are now available and offer brewers an exciting new way to add traditional flavours and variety specific notes to their brew along with new punchy characteristics to help you create your own particular blend.

These products are totally natural as the processes involved do not require the use of any solvents. We have also been working to develop some very unique and novel natural hop flavours that may well be lost under other processing routes.