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Photos of the Charles Faram hop suppliersPortland and Yakima sites

Hop suppliers and much, much more

Hop suppliers and much, much more

We’ve been hop suppliers in the UK for over 150 years, so we’ve got a lot of hop history.  Charles Faram Hop Merchants and Factors has a large range of hop varieties available from stock in our temperature-controlled hop storage warehouses in  both nitrogen flushed leaf hops and Type 90 (T90) pellets. 

Having experienced rapid growth, our USA branch has met all of the same high standards our UK is known for. 

Varieties come from the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, New Zealand and the USA. Faram’s provides an artist’s palette of flavours to create every type and style of beer from the traditional varieties to exciting new developmental varieties from Faram’s own breeding and development programme. Our own varieties include Archer®, Emperor™, Godiva™, Harlequin®, Jester®, Most™, Mystic™, Olicana® and Opus™.

Not just hops suppliers

While hops are certainly our specialty we also carry a wide range of malts and brewing supplies through Murphy & Son. We aim to satisfy any need a brewer may have!

Ask us anything

At Charles Faram we can help you with brewing technical advice and variety recommendations

Our locations

Our office and cold store warehouse is in the US hop capital, Yakima WA.  We also have bases in Worcester (UK), Toronto and Poland.

Hop history

We’ve come a long way since the standard three hop varieties on offer and the base in the old hop market in Worcester city centre.  Fuggles, Goldings and later Challenger were only known by the grower’s name and location back then and these variety types were quite similar in characteristics.  Hop picking has become more mechanised and brewery numbers all over the world have increased dramatically.  Tastes and trends have changed, and so too have the hops.  Check out our hop development page to find out the commitment that the industry is making to ensure that we can help brewers to create great beer.

Originally operating from the old hop market building, which can still be seen in Worcester today, we joined other hop merchants to trade with growers and brewers.  Charles Faram then went on to include a traditional hop store in Sansome Street, also still standing, into the business.  Charles Faram is the only business to have survived in Worcestershire and has great relationship with growers not only in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, but all over the world from hop transactions to work being carried out on our hop development programme.

Back in the hay day the hop industry in Britain was huge with 29,000 hectares where as today there are just under 1,000 as beer styles and tastes have changed encouraging more imported hops with different characteristics possible due to the different soils and growing environments.  This is why our hop development programme is more important than ever.

In the 1980’s Charles Faram became grower owned and in 2021 introduced Charles Faram Farms Ltd

In the late 90’s Faram’s pioneered the use of nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed “Freshpak” hops in smaller and more manageable quantities -maintaining quality and flavour ensuring whole hops can be used until the next crop harvest without any deterioration in quality.  

Photo of Charles Faram found of Charles Faram hop merchants and factors
Charles Faram in 1921
Photo of the hop market building in Worcester taken in 2015
The Hop Market, Worcester, 2015
Photo of Worcester Hop Market in 1902 before it was rebuilt
Photo of Worcester Hop Market in 1902 before it was rebuilt

History as hop suppliers gallery

Photo of Worcester Hop Market in 1902 before it was rebuilt
Photo of Worcester Hop Market in 1902 before it was rebuilt
Photo of the Hop Market Lantern still hanging outside the Hop Market
The Hop Market, Worcester
Photo of the words Hop Market are embossed in the brick work
The Hop Market, Worcester
Photo of a plaque saying "Apartments 1-10 The hop warehouse"
The Hop Warehouse, Worcester
Photo of the front of the Hop Merchant building in Worcester
Hop Merchant building, Worcester, 2015
Photo of sculpture detail in the Worcester buildings
Worcester, 2015
Photo of a street in Worcester
Worcester, 2015
Photo of the entrance to the hop warehouses. The signage says "Worcester hop market warehouses"
Worcester hop market warehouse taken in 2015
Photo of the old hop market gates painted in black and gold
The Hop Market gates taken in 2015
Photo of an old building in Worcester. Worrcester is dripping with history
Worcester, 2015
Photo of an old Charles Faram box and logo
The Charles Faram logo in 2013
Photo of the Newland site from above
Photo of the inside of the Charles Faram cold store
The Charles Faram cold store taken in 2018
Photo of the Charles Faram hop suppliers office in Newland
The new Charles Faram office taken in 2016
Aerial photo of the Charles Faram site in Newland Worcestershire
Charles Faram, Newland, UK