Where dry hopping is used to add hop aroma to a beer and the brewer faces many challenges. Losses through adsorption, inconsisent aroma and lengthy vessel occupation can all be overcome. Totally Natural Solutions Ltd have delveloped a way to add dry hop aroma efficiaently, whilst maintinaing beer quality.
Current HopBurst® products available are:
  • Centurion – citrus fruits aromas will bring you to attention
  • Citrulicious – an intense burst of citrus
  • Geronimo – make your IPA shout with grapefruit and pine notes
  • Floret – strong floral and pine character
  • Halo – a heady burst of tangerine and grapefruit
  • Howitzer – a pilsner style with grassy and herbal characters
  • Kentish Gold – spicy, earthy, typical english pale ale style
  • Limonata – a powerful burst of citrus lemon and lime
  • Magnifico – unique tropical fruit, floral and earthy characters
  • Pacific Northwest – spicy and citrus aromas for great for US pale ales
  • South Pacific – fresh floral and marmalade characteristics
  • Super Citrus – a zesty smack in the face
  • Tutti Frutti – provides a powerful orange, citrus aroma
  • Uncle Sam – that unmistakable citrus and geraniol style
  • Victory – fruity and gooseberry notes, there is only one outcome
  • Bespoke – the customer comes first – our dedicated team is ready to discuss individual requirements to develop a fully personalised product
  • Varietal – pick a specific variety to give the characteristic aroma of the named hop
Pack size: 1Lt flask, 5Lt flask, 20kg drum