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Graphic showing pictures of fruit and flavours

Natural Non-hop Flavouring

Designed especially by Totally Natural Solutions for use in brewing application, the Natural Sensations range delivers a fresh approach for the craft brewing sector. Added post fermentation and fully soluble these products offer the flavor and aroma of botanical and fruit extracts without the fermentable sugars and timely raw material preparation.

Dosed at ~10-15grams/hl brewing trials in individual base beer is recommended to create your speciality beer.

Natural SensationBlueberry1 litre15ml
Natural SensationCherry1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationChocolate (clear colour)1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationCoffee (clear colour)1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationElderflower1 litre30ml15ml
Natural SensationGinger1 litre15ml
Natural SensationHoney1 litre 100ml15ml
Natural SensationLemon1 litre15ml
Natural SensationLime1 litre30ml15ml
Natural SensationPomegranate1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationRaspberry (clear colour)1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationSpecial1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationStrawberry1 litre100ml15ml
Natural SensationVanilla1 litre100ml15ml