New Customer Form

New Customer Form

To avoid disappointment

To avoid disappointment as a new customer please contact us first to make sure that we have the hops that you require available.

Reach out to us to get further information on hop varieties and other products we may assist you with. If you could fill out the general details, we will be able to direct your communications to the appropriate department. Read our privacy policy to see how we use your information

What you will need to provide as a new customer

  • Your contact and invoice details
  • Any special delivery requirements
  • Your actual or proposed weekly hectolitre production.*
    *This is in order to direct communications to you accurately. This information is not shared with any other parties.

Need to contact us?

You can also call us on +1 (503) 922 2565 to provide your details, email to request a new customer form.

We will then set you up on the system as we process your first order.

New customer form complete?

New customer form complete?

New customer form complete?

Ready to order?

Call +1 (503) 922 2565

or  go to the 

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READY TO ORDER? Call: +1 (503) 922 2565 or Click here

About Us

We carry hops from all over the world and aim to provide an artist’s palette of flavors to create every type and style of beer. Our main office is conveniently located in the brewer’s paradise that is Portland OR, while our cold store warehouse is in the US hop capital, Yakima WA.

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