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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oi Composition

Myrcene: 40-60%, Humulene: 2-5%, Farnesene: 1-3%

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity


Use in brewing

Dual purpose hop.

The high alpha and beta acid levels help this hop to be useful for bittering, while also providing a spicy aroma.




Developed by the Zatec breeding program in the Czech Republic, it initially had pharmaceutical purposes in mind to be used as an antioxidant.


Vital has a moderate resistance to diseases, with a medium susceptibility to downy mildew. It is, however, tolerant to powdery mildew.

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We carry hops from all over the world and aim to provide an artist’s palette of flavors to create every type and style of beer. Our main office is conveniently located in the brewer’s paradise that is Portland OR, while our cold store warehouse is in the US hop capital, Yakima WA.

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