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Faram’s have been investing heavily in their facilities in both the UK and the USA to ensure the best quality hops are received by their customers. Following on from ISO 9001 certification in 2016 growers are now audited regularly for the quality of their facilities, their production methods, their adherence to the Modern Slavery Act and as always, the final quality of their hops. To ensure the hops stay in the best condition a new cold store has been built at the Worcestershire site which stores the hops at 0°c.

Paul Corbett, Managing Director said “This is a huge investment for Faram’s and the new facility is up there with the best cold stores in the world for storing hops.” The 1,860m² (20,000ft²) store is capable of storing an additional 1,700 pallets and is already full with stock. The hops are being held for customers to draw on as required. “We noticed that we were storing more and more hops for our contracts each year and wanted to make sure that we were storing them in the best conditions possible” continued Corbett. “The store was completed in January and we are delighted with the results. With the new store we have the ability to have British hops off farm earlier and get them processed into T90 pellets or Freshpak and into store much quicker. With our US and New Zealand hops they are now 100% cold from the day they are picked up from the farm. The Yakima facility we installed in 2016 and the cold store there has proved to be a very useful staging point for the quality checks and safe carriage of US hops to the UK. With refrigerated containers continuing to bring hops across the Atlantic it really is a complete cold chain.”

The company has also taken its responsibility with pesticide residue testing very seriously too. This has become a much bigger worry for everyone in the brewing industry and the testing programme undertaken by Faram’s has been stepped up to take samples from every farm they work with and have them checked for pesticide residues. “It forms part of the company’s commitment to supply the safest and highest quality hops we can” said Corbett.

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UK Cold Store build