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Here we have included a useful library of resources for providing more details to your customers about the hops that you use. They’re not only a visual aid on customer visits, but can be a tool for your visitor’s centre or site tours.  There are decorative items, educational tools, and apps.

Certifications & Statements

All that you should need for Quality audit trails or if you’re looking for official policies and statements from us.   For the overall quality program take a look at our quality page

Variety info to hand

Latest Faram brochure

You can request this in a hard copy form. The brochure is designed to open up and be pinned to the wall for a quick and easy referral to the varieties that are available from us and their characteristics

Front page of the Charles Faram Hop Variety brochure. It shows our logo and the website address
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Variety Information

This is a link to a dropbox that will be kept up to date with the latest information in PDF format for each variety.
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Training, education and visitor centres

Growers Year Poster

This poster shows the different stages and processes for growing hops throughout the year

It’s available in:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • Artwork sized for a pull-up display banner
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Farm to Faram Poster

Ever wondered about what happens to the hops after the kiln?  Here are the next stages.

It’s available in:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • Artwork sized for a pull-up display banner
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The family tree of British hop varieties

The family tree of British hop varieties, all details courtesy of Dr Peter Darby

Picture of the British hop family tree
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British Beer Facts:Hops

Fascinating facts about hops that will ensure you win the pub quiz!

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Faram Videos

Our video page has all sorts of useful demonstrations. These are the top choices.
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Metal Sign (Tacker) 

Send us yours and we’ll send you ours. Send us something for our ‘Friends of Faram Wall of Fame’ and we’ll send you a metal sign in celebration of our sites at source in Yakima (USA), Malvern (UK) and Toronto (Canada). 




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We carry hops from all over the world and aim to provide an artist’s palette of flavors to create every type and style of beer. Our main office is conveniently located in the brewer’s paradise that is Portland OR, while our cold store warehouse is in the US hop capital, Yakima WA.

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