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Photo of the Charles Faram Team across the UK, USA and Canada

UK Sales Team

UK Sales Team

The UK sales team provides all of the knowledge and capability as for a seamless order. From purely placing an order to technical advice that you may need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

They also work closely with breweries on collaborations and recipe suggestions and Charlie in marketing develops promotions and projects to benefit customers.

Photo of the sales UK team

Meet the UK sales team

Meet the UK sales team

We’re here to help.

Photo of Beth Eaton

Beth Eaton

UK North

UK sales team member since 2017

If you ask Beth to describe her role, she says, “visiting breweries and trade events to talk to brewers and anyone who will listen to me whilst representing high quality hops, malt, yeast and everything a brewery needs”. She does like a good chat.

She also loves the day to day variety of the role, communicating with people, seeing different breweries, travelling, working with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and all-round nice team, and receiving excellent feedback about Charles Faram & Co.

She’s no new comer to the industry as she started working at Frederic Robinson Ltd in Stockport in 1995 in the production planning and statistics department and worked her way up to contracts manager brewing and packaging.

Beth’s hobbies are bird watching, photography, walking, baking.
She won’t tell you on here about her most embarrassing moment, but I’m sure mid chin wag it can be coaxed out. For now, she just says, “my ex colleagues know, but what happens in Robinson’s stays in Robinson’s”.

Tel: +44 (0) 7498 908809

Jon Stringer

UK south east & east

UK sales team member since 2019

Jon has spent 8 years at Gadds’ (Ramsgate Brewery) where he cut his teeth in the brewing industry and was eventually elevated to Head Brewer.
This experience and his Diploma in Brewing with passes for modules 1 & 2, makes him a fantastic, knowledgeable addition to our pool of technical knowledge and expertise.

The story of how he got in to the brewing industry is a familiar one.  He was loafing around in Spain, looking for a job in East Kent when Eddie Gadd came to his rescue and gave him a part-time cask washing/racking role.

He says that he loves home brewing, travelling, music, photography and of course, pubs.

Jon says that his is, “Forgetting to put a key late hop addition into a Gadds’ seasonal beer. I was mortified but Menno from De Molen tried the beer and thought it was excellent, so that soothed things”.

Tel: +44 (0) 7572 251910

Photo of Rafik Abidi

Rafik Abidi

South West & west

UK sales team member since 2019

Rafik’s brewing career started at Fuller’s Brewery in London as a Lab Technician before moving to Edinburgh to study for a Masters in Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University. He has since worked for Wychwood Brewery, Shepherd Neame Brewery, Whitstable Brewery and most recently Marston’s Brewery in Burton on Trent.

His qualifications are French baccalauréat, BSc Chemistry, MSc Brewing & Distilling and from a production point he has a wide experience ranging from a 2BBL pilot Brewery up to 600BBL brew length.

When asked about joining Faram’s Rafik said, “When the opportunity came up to join the team I didn’t think twice!”.
“I have always enjoyed visiting breweries and meeting brewers and now I will be doing it more than ever before.”.

He enjoys swimming and used to swim competitively while growing up in Paris.

Rafik’s most embarrassing moment in the industry was his first day at Fullers Brewery being trained in the Sample Room on the beer dispense equipment. He mis-connected a keg coupler and covered himself and his colleague with beer! Let’s say, the job could have started better.

Tel: +44 (0) 7525 798472

Photo of Robbie Harrigan

Robbie Harrigan

Internal Sales Advisor

UK sales team member since 2016

Robbie is a fantastic resource in our Technical Sales team here at Charles Faram.

Robbie has always been a keen homebrewer and a beer enthusiast and has formal brewing qualifications with the IBD. He still dreams of maybe one day having a brewery of his own. He doesn’t know why either…

He has more recently taken on an active role in the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme, working with growers, breeders and brewers to hopefully find the star hops of the future. He is responsible for producing trial brews in the Charles Faram pilot brewery to show-off new and experimental varieties from our various breeding programmes located all over the globe.

Tel: +44 (0) 7506 752723

Photo of Mark Lovegrove

Mark Lovegrove

Internal Sales Advisor

UK sales team member since 2015

Mark describes his role as, advice on all things brewing and hop growing, specialising in sales, contracts and service.
Originally from a high street back ground with Sony (all things geeky…and he loves a good turntable), he was one of the youngest store managers at 23. The store won a national competition which took him to the world cup in 2010…the amazing game was England Algeria!

Mark then ran a pub for 2 years and won new licensee of the year which included a trip to Carlsberg in Copenhagen. He then got a bit too old and couldn’t handle the hours, so he started with Charles Faram in the warehouse before moving across into sales.
With his background in customer service he hopes to bring a further element to the team to compliment the excellent technical support and service that we have.

The best thing about his job is working in a varied and great industry.
Mark has Swimming badge level 3 to add to his accomplishments and lists his hobbies as football, music and movies. He also said that he still plays on a PS4, but the editor thought that we should leave that out.

His most embarrassing moment, considering that he works in the brewing industry is that he is, “an absolute light weight”

+44 (0) 7506 752464

Photo of Paul Corbett

Paul Corbett


Team member since 1989

Paul joined Charles Faram in July 1989. At that time there were only two other people working at Faram’s, so Paul found himself taking on most roles from Accounts to fork lift operator!

He became Managing Director in 1996 and has been responsible for the development of the company during this time.

Whilst in his current role Paul has also served as follows: –
Trustee for SIBA from 1997-2001
Chairman of the BFBi Midland Section 1999
BFBi National Chairman in 2009-2011

He is currently: –
Chairman of the IBD Hop Industry Committee
Chairman of the Hop Merchants Association
A Director of BTS (who run the International Brewing Awards).

He enjoys visiting farms, drinking beer in pubs and watching the rugby in his spare time.

+44 (0) 07834 602684

Photo of Charlie Gorham

Charlie Gorham

PR & Marketing Manager

Team member since 2015

Charlie’s role consists of organising Charles Faram own events, brand awareness, overseeing the website , social media, keeps an eye on industry trends and challenges, and develops future promotions and projects.

Charlie started out in the industry at the start of 2006 working for Titanic Brewery and then moving on to become manager of the Trade Association side of SIBA. She is extremely passionate about politics and all other influences that have an effect on the brewing industry.

In her role at Faram’s Charlie is keen to expand the company mantra of providing the best quality products and as much opportunity for helping brewers with their businesses as possible.

Her hobbies include her beer club, performing in the Kirmizi dance troupe, watching American Football and anything else that looks fun and does not involve climbing up or jumping from/out of things at height.

Most embarrassing moment recently is someone knocking her beer over herself and a well known Scottish brewery owner at the start of an awards evening.