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Photo of the Charles Faram team members

USA Team

USA Team

The USA team provides all of the knowledge and capability as for a seamless transaction. From purely placing an order to technical advice that you may need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Photo of The charles Faram USA team
Photo of Sean McGree

Sean McGree

General Manager


Sean’s primary responsibility is overseeing activities at the Yakima warehouse, but he also assists in purchasing hops and sales activities.

He has been in the hop industry for almost 30 years. He worked for the hop growers association for 10 years and has been on the merchant side for 16 years. He also spent 3 years running a supply business that sold twine, burlap/plastic bale wrap and anchor clips to US hop growers.

The values that drive him are honesty and accuracy in all aspects of his job.

Outside of work he likes spending time with family, including his new grandson.

When asked about what he enjoys about the work that he does he replied, “Working with hop growers who are friends first, colleagues second”.

Sean’s favorite beer is Pilsner Urquell in Europe and his favorite hop is Cascade.

Photo of Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

Director of Hop Supply Operations


Jennifer facilitates movement of products through our supply chain. She describes ‘Director of Hop Supply Operations’ as putting together a jigsaw puzzle in an ever changing environment.

Jen, as she prefers to be called, has been in the hop industry for 20 years, and previously worked at YCH. She enjoys working with growers/suppliers and brewers who are very passionate about their art.

If she could write her own job description she says that it would be interpreter and herder of cats.

Her favorite beer is any Fresh hop (Green hop) beer and best beer moment was at San Diego CBC with 100’s of beers on tap and she was set to try every one of them. Her favorite hop is Centennial.

“Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda

Photo of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Assistant Controller


Aaron manages all financial aspects of Charles Faram Brewing Services (Canada).  He has a degree in accounting, has always worked in accounting and is driven by ensuring the accuracy of financial data.  

He says that he enjoys the work that he does because sometimes it’s a puzzle that’s fun to solve.  His favourite hop variety is whatever make Charles Faram the most money.  We think that it’s safe to say that he’s a committed number cruncher.

Outside of work he enjoys watching baseball and also boasts that he has been to every State.

Favorite inspirational quote: “The pursuit of the almighty dollar”

Photo of Blaze Ashworth

Blaze Ashworth

Warehouse Lead


Blaze ships out product to destinations all over the world.

His previous role was as a production worker at BSG Hops.

The values that drive him are personal goals and to achieve comfort in life.  While not at work he enjoys travelling, art, farming and more work!

If he could write his own job title it would be, Warehouse Lead- oversee a warehouse in which includes keeping track of product and making sure its quality all the way out of our doors to have satisfied customers.

The thing that Blaze enjoys most about the work that he does is that he’s alone so he knows exactly how the work is done.

His favorite hop is Styrian Wolf, but can’t have a favorite beer yet.  He feels that he might be in the wrong industry until 2021.

What inspires him is his future life and his choice of inspirational quote is, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky